Registrations in Kazakhstan

April 2014

Since spring 2014 MAC is holding the following registrations in Kazakhstan:

  • Folmex (Tebuconazole 250 g/l – EW)
    crop: rice, apple, grape, soya bean
  • Imidamex 600 (Imidacloprid 600 g/l – FS)
    crop: summer wheat
  • Azimex (Azimsulfuron 500 g/l – WG) + Agronex Pro
    crop: rice
  • Clomex (Clomazone 480 g/l – EC)
    crop: pea, bean, soya bean
    Halomex (Haloxyfop-P-methyl 108 g/l – EC)
    crop: potato, sunflower, sugar beet, fodder beet, linseed

More registrations are in preparation.

Mid-term MAC is thus able to offer the whole range of crop protection products used in the local agricultural practise.

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