About us

Our company emerged in its present form in 1999, when Mr. Michael Meerath, owner of MAC-GmbH, continued to develop his father’s, locally oriented, trading activities and focused on agrochemicals. With input from experienced professionals who are familiar with the regional markets and conditions, offices were launched in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Uzbekistan, Egypt and South America.

Being a mid-size German company, MAC GmbH serves markets in Eastern Europe, the CIS and Central Asia, in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. For our customers as well as for ourselves the principles of maximum effectiveness and efficiency at minimum environmental and health impact are of primary importance. Our products range from conventional crop protection products and growth regulators to plant strengtheners and additives.

We own numerous registrations for inexpensive and highly effective generic plant protection products, where appropriate in co-operation with local partners. In cooperation with leading businesses and agricultural research institutes, our products are carefully tested under native farming conditions, so we can guarantee highest efficacy continuous product optimization. In addition we are constantly exploring the range of our products and their applications for possible extensions. Based on our own generic approvals, we have our products formulated according to our highest standards and packed according to our customers’ request. For this purpose we have storage facilities and automatic filling machines for liquid and granular products at our disposal.

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